About Neuraum

We take the stress out of the process for those interested in building, and bring transparency, certainty, and efficiency to the construction industry.

Neuraum – „we shape the future of building for a better life”. Our vision shows that we are here to truly make a difference in the building industry. Therefore we are on an ambitious path: After a fast start in 2015 and the takeover of several online platforms from a 70+ year old internet pioneer, our major website Fertighaus.de has become the leading German house and building portal. We help hundreds of thousands find their dream house. But that’s just the beginning: in the future we will provide all prospective buyers with even broader and more profound business activities.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals, working with fun and passion to achieve our ambitious vision. We believe in an agile and self-dependent working style, in sustainability and a healthy balance of work and personal life.


per month

Around 70

Construction partners

More than 1500

Houses in portfolio

Fertighaus Screenshot

Our founders

Henrik and Sebastian started working at the strategic consultancy Boston Consulting Group at the same time. Along with a friendship that had grown over the years, the two of them shared a passion for the field of construction and the entrepreneurial will to transform this exciting, yet still very traditional industry.

Henrik Blank


It was this same entrepreneurial spirit that led Henrik, after his Business Administration studies, to a start-up in the recruitment field. He then changed to BCG (Boston Consulting Group), to strategic consulting where he advised B2C-oriented clients as a project manager. Doing “his own thing” in the long term has always been his goal. The fact that he chose the construction industry was not least related to Henrik’s architect father with whom he had spent a lot of time at construction sites from a young age and with whom he has also implemented personal real estate projects.

At Neuraum, Henrik is responsible for all things related to our users i.e. product management, IT, marketing, and building consultancy. He is also in charge of investor relations.

Dr. Sebastian Keitel

Great-grandfather, father, and brother: all of them are civil engineers. What could possibly make more sense than initially focusing on “something to do with planes”, working at the airport, and studying a field related to this? As a business engineer, he later started working at BCG, a role in which he, among other things, gave advice to clients as to how to rearrange their distribution departments in view of the vertical integration of the energy sector. Following his PhD on traffic, he eventually did decide to move closer to the family tradition and to tackle the construction industry together with Henrik.

At Neuraum, Sebastian takes care of any contact with B2B clients, and he is responsible for the areas of finance, HR, and legal matters.

Our supporters

We are glad to have experienced experts as our supporters.

Christophe Maire supporter form Neuraum

Christophe Maire

Founder & CEO Atlantic Labs

Marc Aappelhoff supporter from Neuraum

Marc Appelhoff

Board member Home24 AG

Christoph Cordes supporter from Neuraum

Christoph Cordes

Board member Home24 AG

Steffen Wachenfeld soporter from Neuraum

Steffen Wachenfeld

Founder & Managing Director Savedo GmbH

Neuraum Rolf Blank

Rolf Blank

Architect & civil engineer

Hans Peter keitel supporter from Neuraum

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Keitel

Former CEO Hochtief AG


We believe in considered recruiting, and in the long-term professional development of our team members.

Neuraum Team

Our focus is on lasting, long-term success, and we only do what we truly believe in. What helps is that we can build on an already successful business with turnover, traffic, and a customer base, and as such, we are able to act more independently of outside influences.

We place great importance on putting together a strong team, and in this matter, the long- term professional development of each team member is also key.

Freedom & trust

Jan von Winterfeld, Chief Technology Officer

Here I have the opportunity and the support to finally develop “the truly perfect” setup for our applications and services. This means that we build lasting and stable software programs, and we only take shortcuts when have a plan that helps us prevent that this will not backfire sooner or later.

Jan Von Winderfeld from Neuraum

Steep learning curve

Jorge Martinez, Frontend Developer

Working at Neuraum has really helped me improve my skills as a developer. The other team members are always willing to help out whenever I feel stuck. Our regular presentations on interesting topics have helped me gain a deeper understanding of why we do things the way we do.

Jorge Martinez from Neuraum

Teamwork & clear communication

Nicole Herbelschmidt, Head of Content Marketing

A team that functions well and direct communication are of utmost importance for me in the marketing department. At Neuraum, we communicate without further ado. We have direct agreements, open rooms and everyone is all ears. These are the perfect conditions for experiments and creative ideas in order to break the mold of traditional approaches.

Nicole Herbelschmidt from Neuraum

The center of our cooperation is our beautiful office in the heart of Berlin – complete with a huge roof terrace that we use for meetings, a regular get-together with beer after work or for BBQ parties.


We are always looking for strong and motivated candidates who make a good fit to our team.

Your way to Neuraum

  • You are guaranteed professional processes and a reply to your application within 3 working days
  • We will all have more than enough opportunity to really get to know each other. For this, you will meet a lot of Neuraum’s team members, not just those from your future department. We all work very closely together. Therefore, colleagues from other areas, and of course Henrik and/or Sebastian, will be present during our conversations.
  • Our recruitment process involves typical job interviews. However, it may also include video interviews as and when needed, small tasks, workshops or simply an after-work pint.

Your start with us

  • We will welcome you with a perfectly prepared work station, and lunch with our team who will be there for you from day one.
  • When you first start working, you will be given detailed introductions and instructions that will arouse your enthusiasm for our product and that will quickly turn you into an expert. Conferences, trainings, books? We will be more than happy to help you with your continuous professional development!
  • At quarterly feedback rounds you will have the opportunity to reflect on your development at Neuraum and to set your personal development path with your “team lead.”

Any questions?

For any questions about recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact Saara. She is looking forward to receiving your application. However, she will be happy to answer any questions about Neuraum you might have in advance. You can reach her at jobs@neuraum.com or +49-(0)- 30-577- 040-923.

Marlene Seppelt from Neuraum


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